Avaya IP Softphone

Avaya IP Softphone 6.01

A simple way to communicate and make phone calls using your internet connection
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Avaya IP Softphone offers additional integration with other communication applications such as Microsoft Outlook Communicator, Lotus Sametime, Citrix Presentation Server and with Service Pack 1, and can now support the Microsoft Vista Business and Ultimate Editions in a standalone configration. Additionally, IP Softphone R offers native support for new CM 4.0 features: 9600 series phones, signal channel encryption, and 13-digit dialing support.

The IP Softphone telephone client can be configured for VoIP (Roadwarrior) mode, Dual Connect (Telecommuter) mode or Shared Control mode.

VoIP (Roadwarrior) mode is suitable for users who have a single, broadband connection from their home office or remote location. In VoIP mode, the audio and call control signaling are run across the IP network for a "pure voice over IP" configuration, and offers a great amount of flexibility due to the ubiquity of IP networking. Voice communication is generally done via a headset connected to the PC.

Dual Connect (Telecommuter) mode is ideally suited for users working from a remote office with a phone line. With this option, call control signaling is maintained and delivered across the IP network, but the voice is delivered across a phone line to either a public switched telephone network or digital line to help ensure toll-quality voice. This capability can be extended to any touch-tone phone or cellular phone.

Avaya IP Softphone - a neat and simple way to communicate and make phone calls using your internet connection.

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